French cuisine

french-cuisine-generic-7French cuisine has evolved widely over centuries. The national cuisine started forming in the middle Ages. In French cuisine, they avoided excessive complication in cooking. Secondly, they mostly cooked fish, seafood, game birds, veal, and green vegetables. They always use the simple method to preserve the natural flavor of the food. Many of the dishes in French cuisine were steamed; it is very good for health. They are always giving priority to food freshness, using ingredients that should be fresh then only they prefer to cook to maintain their cuisine’s specialty. For seasoning purpose fresh herbs, quality butter, lemon juice, and vinegar used. The chef always focuses dietary needs of their guests and calories of dishes. The chefs are extremely creative and inventive, they have created new combinations and pairings it takes the French cuisine to world famous. Cooking is not only making the dish it completes with its presentation and makes the customer be happy. They very much focused on serving dishes to private dining or restaurant food which is partially cooked and through cart which is transferred on a table and waiter or waitress will complete the finishing touch of the authentic dishes. The menu starts with soup, appetizer, eggs, rice and pasta, fish, meat course.