Auberge Monnet

France is rich city that is in the region of west Europe. The one of the wonder Eiffel Tower landmarked in Paris, it is capital of France. The country is well-known for its sophisticated cuisine .Auberge Monnet is a restaurant at France, they are following French cuisine, offering lunch and dinner, in this restaurant people can enjoy the food and it features take away food, reservations, terrace, seating, wait staff, parking, high chairs, card payments accepted like master card, visa card and also they are providing free Wi-Fi, serves alcohol, beer and wine. This restaurant is suitable for Children,, Business Meetings, and Families with children, Groups. French foods based on simple ingredient combinations but it gives delicious taste to that dish and enhances the natural flavors of French ingredients, chef’s from France is  most demanded persons worldwide because they know how to change the normal French food into haute cuisine that means accurate preparation and careful presentation of food at high price level. Food at France is main concept exposure of French cuisine, and it was added to UNESCO’s word list. If people have an interest to try French dishes others suggestion is French cheeses and wines, it is notorious Best uber clone 2018 for best wines and cheeses. One iconic item people can get that item in all restaurants’ that is, semi-cured, pressed blue cheeses. They served this cheese after the main meal course and before dessert. Further than cheese and wine combination are propertied French dishes. People can easily addict to French foods and the shocking result is they are very simple to prepare when compared to other cuisines. The authentic flavors of French dishes are, every meal begins with soup to stimulate digestion system, and this is a soup named “Soupe à l’oignon” is contains ingredients of onions and beef stock, is normally served with croutons and melted cheese on layer of soup. Onion soup is from the caramel of onions with this they have added sherry and it is cooked by slow –cook process to enhance the soup’s taste. The soup gravy liquid is meat stock along with water, milk for thickness they add eggs or flour. the classic another food is named” Coq au vin” popularized by television show and this is signature dish, they prepare this with chicken pot roasted with wine, along with mushrooms, salt pork or bacon, onion, garlic , this full fills stomach effectively with all its ingredients. Cassoulet is a dish made from white beans stewed slowly with meats, mostly pork or duck with sausages, goose, and mutton. This is the rich dishand perfect for colder months because all those ingredients produce heat so this dish is perfect for cool weather. Another dish called beef bourguignon is completely a traditional meal and it is quite worldwide famous, this is made with red wine along with stewed beef; beef broth is showered with garlic, pearl onions, fresh herbs, and mushrooms. This is the best example for haute cuisine but it takes more time to cook and tenderize the meat. Chocolate soufflé is a kind of puff and this is made of baked egg dish origins earlier. This is the main desert in France and worldwide. The crispy chocolate soufflé taste is delicious and people always wanted to taste this yummy chocolate soufflé. Flamiche is cake is from northern France Belgium border. This is also a traditional food item that is filled with cheese and vegetables with a base of puff-pastry. It attracts all people and the decoration part is amazingly done by the chef’s. It has several types in it; it is also available in pizza version and topped up with olives and anchovies. Nicoise salad is French salad of unique elements and served as a side dish for meal and the ingredients are lettuce, fresh tomatoes, boiled eggs, canned tuna, green beans, then olives and anchovies for optional  and many variation also exist as per the customer’s  convenient.
Ratatouille is an amazing French authentic dish as well as the most famous dish that comprises of stewed vegetable that can be served as meal or side dish also stuffing for other dishes like crepes and omelet’s. The ingredients consist of bell peppers, marjoram, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, garlic, basil, thyme and other green herbs. Alsatian Bacon and Onion Tart is variety of pizza with thin base and a very hot pizza stone gives this bacon and onion tarts a shatteringly crispy crust. Cinnamon Apple Bostock is winey chicken coated with pearl onions and button mushrooms. This one is the first French food outsiders tried. Then it is easy way to prepare and serve, this dish is sweet crunchy breakfast recipe with apple butter with a squash of apple brandy along with frangipane cream coated with toasted almonds. Basque-Style Fish with Green Peppers and Manila Clams is traditional seafood with stewed peppers with mild flavors white-fleshed fish is dived into smaller pieces and added with fine substitutes. Cherry Gateau Basque is the iconic signature dessert of the country. It is look like sandwich but insider it filled with jam or sweet pastry cream between top layer and the bottom layer. Steak Diane is filet mignon with pan sauce. That is laced with brandy with delicious serving simple ingredients gives spectacular varieties of flavor. Pain Au Chocolate is beautiful homemade croissants; it contains dark chocolate of good quality and dedicated to breakfast spread.