Beginner Techniques for Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is gaining a greater degree of prominence in the field of personal development. It fuels the visualization process further and enhances the probability of achieving your goals. Let’s understand what are the techniques to implement for beginners in the process of lucid dreaming.
Imagine waking up with the skill and the drive to do anything, meet with any person or go to any place – all with your perceptions completely alive in graphic detail.

This is what can be termed as lucid dreaming to a layman.

With practice, specialists concur that everybody has the ability to learn to have lucid dreams. Your ability to lucid dream is directly proportional to your ability and the extent to which you can be present in the moment and meditate upon something.

Once you decide to be a lucid dreamer what is more, it’s the possibility to totally alter your relationship with yourself.

Lucid Dreaming Beginning and Mastery

To have the ability to consciously be able to control your dream, you have to develop your inner skills to a level such that you can learn to recognize while asleep. That is all it takes to activate consciousness in your dreams / sleep.
These techniques will help make it possible for you in the quickest possible time:

– Be an avid reader on the topic of lucid dreaming,
– The art of visualization and fulfilling your desires,
– Take a firm stand to lucid dream on a daily basis before going to sleep,
– Keep time aside everyday to be self-aware for a few minutes and gradually increase the time.

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Dream Recall & Its Significance

Try your best to remember your dreams. Your knowledge and awareness can greatly increase if you do this. Jot down your dreams while they’re still fresh in your mind. Dreams fade immediately so you have to write them down when you wake up – the first thing in the morning. Else as soon as a few minutes go by, your brain starts to think about other things (habits) and everything is washed away. As time passes, you’ll enjoy this process.
It may help sleep in for an additional hour on weekends. You’re flirting on the edge of consciousness and REM sleep before you wake up. This can be the ideal time to be involved in lucid adventures.